Pigs Love Donuts - Watercolour Print


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Watercolour painting of a pig with a blue hair bow eating a sprinkle donut
Watercolour nursery art print of a pig eating a sprinkle donut

It's generally believed that pigs have no favourite foods (they'll eat anything after all) but did you know they actually prefer sprinkle donuts above all other foods?

This PAPER PRINT is a faithful reproduction of my original watercolour painting of a pig with a blue bow eating a donut. The original has sold.

 MATERIALS USED: textured paper, pigment ink

SIZES: 5x7 (12.5 cm x 17.5 cm), 8x10 (20 cm x 25 cm), 11x14 (27.5 cm x 35 cm)

I sign, title and date the reverse of all my paintings.

Ships with care.

Art copyright Deidre Wicks


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